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YUNNAN Single Origin Espresso/Dark Roast

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Coffee is roasted on a rolling basis then shipped out fresh.

YUNNAN Single Origin Espresso/Dark Roast | Region: Yunnan - Dongka Farm

Limited batch single origin espresso! This bold washed Yunnan was the primary coffee in our original Rotor Wash espresso/dark roast blend. As a single origin the unique flavors shine.

This coffee is a delicious taste of terra incognita. Yunnan Province in China is a new frontier in specialty coffee—and a rising star.

Living in Yunnan was a highlight of our time abroad. We're excited to share this magical region with you.

This coffee is a high quality selection from Dongka Farm brought to us by Yunnan Coffee Traders.

Washed Process | 12 oz. | Single Origin

Coffee is whole bean unless you choose to have us grind it for you. If you would like ground coffee, tell us in the note at checkout what method you use to brew.

Our coffee bags biodegrade no matter how you toss 'em. If you'd like to compost, remove the valve and label.