Why Incognita?

Welcome. Thank you for exploring speciality coffee with us. 

Incognita Coffee Justin Erin Camper Van

We launched our life together after backpacking across Asia and living in a banana yellow VW camper van in Europe. We have since found ways to integrate travel into our personal and professional paths.

We shared our early adventures on a blog we called Terra Incognita. That site is now a relic of the internet, but it is a reminder of our curiosity about the world and the courage to try something new.

Terra incognita means unexplored lands. For us, it represents a desire to discover, to create and to share. With Incognita Coffee Roasters, we continue that journey. 

After eight years of home roasting, we ramped up our coffee roasting and upgraded to the Bullet R1 roaster. Now, we bring the coffee world to you, at home.

Part of the beauty of coffee is that it reflects the place it is grown, the choices during production, and the people who make it all happen.

Coffee is thriving; yet there is more to discover. Farmers in classic regions are experimenting with processing methods, like fermentation. Coffee is taking off in new areas, like Yunnan, China. We source green beans from importers focused on practices that are fair to workers and respectful of the land.

As roasters, we choose the most compelling combinations of origin and process, then coax out the complex flavors. Coffee drinkers, like you, value the origin of each cup. We want you to know where your coffee comes from, where it was roasted and when. Most of all, we want it to taste good.

We look forward to continued exploration and discovery. We hope you join us.

Erin & Justin

Erin is a librarian focused on culinary culture. As a wine and craft beer educator, she worked with importers and producers to understand terroir and technique—and to help others appreciate the flavors and stories in each sip. Her grandfather worked as an engineer tending coffee roasters in Nicaragua. Though she usually prefers a pour over or a coffee stout, she still craves her grandmother’s cafecito with nacatamales. 

Justin has a background in emergency medicine and has been roasting on the side for eight years. Justin has spent time living abroad in various countries over the years including China and Australia. He has been known to hand grind a fruity single origin to get him through the night shift.