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CELEBRATE Blend | Mexico + Brazil

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Coffee is roasted on a rolling basis and shipped out fresh.

CELEBRATE Blend | Mexico + Brazil

Bring some delicious fun to your table with this celebration of creativity in coffee.

This blend is a wonderful introduction to the fermentation trend in coffee. It's festive and fun; perfect for gifting for any celebratory occasion to to turn your morning cup into a treat.

You'll get notes of fruit and subtle warm spice mingling with nuttiness. 

The flavors are more subdued in a blend and will appeal to a wider range of coffee drinkers than the single origin version of this anaerobic processed coffee. 

This cool Mexican coffee is an example of how coffee producers are using innovative approaches to enhance flavors—much like winemakers and beer brewers. During anaerobic processing, coffee is fermented in sealed tanks without oxygen. This imparts complex fruit flavors and body. We love how these creative methods combine art, science and - of course - pleasure. Enjoy.

Anaerobic + Natural Process | 12 oz. | Blend

Coffee is whole bean unless you choose to have us grind it for you. If you would like ground coffee, tell us in the note at checkout what method you use to brew.

Eco note: Our coffee bags biodegrade no matter how you toss 'em. If you'd like to compost, remove the valve and label.