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Swing Shift + Night Shift | Box Set

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Box sets include two 12 oz bags of coffee. Coffee is whole bean or request to have it ground in the notes when you check out.

Whatever your schedule, these blends have you covered. Our half decaf blend Swing Shift is balanced and satisfying for when you prefer a bit less buzz. Our Night Shift signature blend is delicious and easy drinking, whether it’s kicking off your day or getting you through an all-nighter.

SWING SHIFT Half Decaf Blend | Colombia + Uganda

You can have it all. Sweet Colombian decaf plus a natural processed coffee from Uganda mingle in a balanced, satisfying blend. Perfect if you prefer a bit less buzz any time of day. 

This is a 50/50 blend of sophisticated sugar cane processed decaf from smallholder farmers in Valle del Cauca, Colombia and a natural processed coffee from Uganda with brown sugar sweetness and low acidity.

Washed + Natural Process | Blend

NIGHT SHIFT Blend | Nicaragua + Burundi + Tanzania

Our signature blend is smooth and delicious at all hours. 

We think of it as a "session” coffee: one that you can enjoy cup after cup of with ease and pleasure, whether it’s kicking off your day or getting you through an all nighter. 

This blend features a Nicaraguan coffee in homage to Erin’s heritage plus two lovely coffees from Africa. The combination is easy to drink—and love—with rich chocolate and just a touch of fruit.  

Night Shift is versatile and tastes great as automatic drip, pour over/Chemex or French Press. 

Washed Process | Blend

Coffee is whole bean unless you choose to have us grind it for you. If you would like ground coffee, tell us in the note at checkout what method you use to brew.

Our coffee bags biodegrade no matter how you toss 'em. If you'd like to compost, remove the tin tie, valve and label.