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COLOMBIA Single Origin | Yellow Bourbon

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Coffee is roasted on a rolling basis then shipped out fresh. 

COLOMBIA Single Origin | Region:  Huila - Yellow Bourbon Varietal

Discover the distinctive flavors of the yellow bourbon coffee cherry varietal from El Pital in Huila, Colombia. This is an interesting coffee with honey and caramel sweetness and brightness balanced by lush body.

This limited micro lot is from the ASOBOMBO group of young producers - over half of whom are women. Their smallholder farms are located in the award-winning region of Huila, where coffee thrives in nutrient rich volcanic soil. The coffee was washed and sun dried.

Washed + Sun Dried Process | 12 oz. | Single Origin

Coffee is whole bean unless you choose to have us grind it for you. If you would like ground coffee, tell us in the note at checkout what method you use to brew.

Eco note: Our coffee bags biodegrade no matter how you toss 'em. If you'd like to compost, remove the valve and label.