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Rock Star Innovators | Box Set

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Box sets include two 12 oz bags of coffee. Coffee is whole bean or request to have it ground in the notes when you check out.

These rock star producers are pioneering new coffee production methods with outstanding results.

COLOMBIA 24 hr Fermentation |  Juan Felipe Aristizábal

A cool natural process coffee that was produced using a 24 hour fermentation to bring out richness and tropical fruit. The fruit is balanced by a luscious body.

Juan Felipe Aristizábal has earned the nickname the "alchemist" for his experimental processing methods. He is a leader in the trend to use science to enhance coffee flavors. Enjoy his delicious innovation.

Natural Process | 12 oz. | Single Origin

NURSES PULL THE SHOTS Termico Blend |  Don Luis Campos

Our Nurses Pull the Shots blend balances a luscious termico processed coffee from Costa Rica with a classic coffee from Brazil to create a vibrant, jammy cup. 

The termico (thermal) process is an innovative new method in which super ripe coffee cherries are semi-washed then heated to partially caramelize the natural sugars. It results in velvety body and sweet fruit flavors.

The coffee in our blend is from the producer who developed the termico process, Don Luis Campos of Cordillera de Fuego coffee estate in Costa Rica. Campos is a pioneer in coffee processing as well as a leader in efforts to reduce greenhouse gases in the coffee sector by converting to solar energy. 

Coffee is whole bean unless you choose to have us grind it for you. If you would like ground coffee, tell us in the note at checkout what method you use to brew.

Our coffee bags biodegrade no matter how you toss 'em. If you'd like to compost, remove the tin tie, valve and label.